Arunesh Profile
Arunesh Mishra
PhD, Distributed Systems, Networking, Security. Ex-Google.
Founder at Factor Labs.

Currently working on advanced projects in Intelligent Automation, Knowledge-based answering systems and web-based Chatbot systems. Also advising a couple of startups in this area including in the Blockchain space.

Interests: I enjoy building Deep Learning systems (AI/ML), Distributed systems, networking protocols, self-adapting and learning algorithms that can scale massively to support a few billion users every day. Experience working on and implementing Wifi Security protocols, Also an expert on Network Security, peer-peer Networking and Consensus algorithms in the Blockchain space.

8+ years experience building scalable wifi location algorithms on Android and Chrome. Also built a API for near-ultrasound based half-duplex communication on Android/iOS. API uses standard mic/speaker on commodity phones to transmit information. Built crowdsourced wifi location algorithms on Android and Chrome that serve more than 2.5 Billion users per day.

Research publications (30+): Google scholar.
Includes papers (and award) at top tier ACM conferences such as Mobicom, Sigmetrics, MobiHoc.

Patents (30+ issued, 22 pending): Google Patents.
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